Intelligent Smart Glass Of The Future...

" Own The Luxury Of Next Generation Intelligent Switchable Privacy Smart Glass & Smart PDLC Film, Electrochromic Glass, LED Smart Glass & Magic Window " i-Smart Glass is the leading provider of the best in-class electronically Switchable Glass and Smart Film that change between clear and frosted states on demand. It there by provides unprecedented control over the amount of light and heat that enters a space & the privacy you get.

Safe and Secure

In case of power failure, iSmart glass will switch to its normal frosted state protecting your privacy.

UV Resistant

iSmart glass is effective in blocking the penetration of harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays up to 98%.

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient SPD SmartGlass has the ability to have its tint level and light transmission characteristics infinitely adjusted.

Additionally, windows that use Smart Glass or film do not need blinds, shades or other window treatments, thus providing unobstructed views for the occupants along with easy maintenance. It also has enhanced sound proofing and safety when compared to ordinary glass. This is just the beginning. Our i-Smart glass and film is also a novel platform for projection and touchscreen effects that can transform store windows, showrooms and any glass surface into dramatic video displays. Available as a factory finished laminated smart glass & even as self-adhesive film, our products can bring these exciting features to under construction as well as constructed spaces on existing glass surfaces too.


Applications and Uses

iSmart Glass are ideal for residential, commercial, retail and health care sectors across the globe.


Perfect for bathrooms, skylights, heat/light control and more.


Perfect for conference rooms, executive offices, hotels, restaurant and retail shop.



iSmart Glass professional appearance and performance makes it an excellent addition to many retail businesses


The best solution for hospitals and healthcare facilities to reduce the spread of infection through the provision of easily cleaned surfaces.

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